Vincent is 13 months!

Superman Shirt

Every month for the past 12 months Jeff and I would write in Vinny’s baby book answering such questions as, sleeping schedules, what new foods he ate, any new discoveries, etc. now that he is past a year, the pages no longer chronicle by month! I’m kinda sad. I feel like he is still growing so much and doing different things every week. So I am going to try to continue the baby book tradition and instead just blog it! We also tried to do a monthly photo shoot, including shave ice growth picture, though I was really slacking on those ever since he started getting mobile. Literally impossible to have him hold still!

Superman Shirt and Big Book

He got the cutest superman shirt from our neighbors for his birthday. Complete with red cape! It is Velcro on there!

I can run!

Milestones this month: WALKING! He learned how to stand on his own as opposed to holding on to something to help him get to standing. Once that was figured out he was pro. Poor guy though, so many bruises on his head from falling and running into furniture and the floor.

Wearing shoes

He has started wearing some hand me down shoes from Evan. He is not quite used to them since he only wears them outside. He always tries to take them off. But now that he can walk it is so much fun to go outside and run around with him.

Gianni's Pizza

NEW FOODS: Now that he is over a year old, we can feed him pretty much whatever we want. He loves to eat cheese! He has also tried pizza, asparagus, rice and beans, meatloaf, carnitas burrito, lima beans, steak, meatballs, chicken fingers, peanut butter crackers, pirate booty. I have him a peanut butter jelly sandwich tonight and he hated it.

Vincent and soppy cup

Vinny likes drinking water from mommy’s cup, like a big boy. He also has tried to drink the bath water on multiple occasions. He loves to bring his sippy cup to his forehead and just staring at you smiling.

Superman Shirt

TALKING: he still blabbers constantly in his baby talk but no real words yet. Daddy, dad, dada, dig, dog, dug, and d word. Some ah, baa, bu words as well. He is now starting to show more of his EMOTIONS. For instance if you show him a toy and you wont let him play with it, he will start to make a fuss. He never really cared previously. Also when you tell him “NO” he will stare at you with the saddest eyes and start to whimper.

New baby gate

So now that he can walk anywhere we got a baby gate to block off the dining room. We drag his pack n play crib to the kitchen door to block that area then close all the doors to the bedrooms. It works pretty well. I also covered the bottom of the fireplace area with a yoga mat.

New sunroom set up

I rearranged the sunroom so that the coffee table blocks the cat litter area. Butters can still get to it but Vincent cannot! Previous to that, Vincent has gotten into the litter and he might have even ate some :(. No more of that!

Beach ball fun

His favorite toys are his animal balls, cymbals, beach ball, and ride along car toy. He also really likes the puzzles! My mom brought one from my childhood days (fruit) and a new one that makes sounds (farm animals). Mike and Lisa bought a safari animal one that vinny loves to play with too.

Morning before going back to daycare

Daycare is going ok. I don’t like leaving him all day and not knowing what he is eating, when he us sleeping or how many times he poops! We were too spoiled with our first sitter that’s for sure. Who knows how many times he gets his toys stolen or he gets yelled at or hit by the other kids, but I guess that’s the life of a daycare child and a parent that has to work and be away from her child. I’ve contemplated staying at home with him but I can’t justify putting my career on hold for that. In my field of work, taking a few years off would be detrimental. Unless I study and keep up… Which most likely would not happen. 🙁 If only we had family close by to help out. Its sad everyone lives thousands of miles away.

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