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Diane & Jeffrey » Happy First Birthday Vincent!

Happy First Birthday Vincent!

Vincent's First Birthday

Today is Vincent’s first birthday! Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Mike arrived in the afternoon. Vincent’s morning was spent with Grandpa Don while my mom and myself started baking cakes and cupcakes and getting other food ready for the party. Jeff took him for a walk around the block, but other than that not anything too exciting.

Vincent's First Birthday

He did get a chance to eat a cupcake WITH frosting though! He loved it! I think he would have ate the whole thing if we let him. We all sang happy birthday to him. What a big boy!

Vincent's First Birthday

Going for more cake! LOL! Kinda wish i took a video because it was so darn cute.

After cake we opening some gifts! Mostly gifts from my cousin Sandee, then some from us and the grandparents.

Vincent's First Birthday

Taking off the wrapping paper.

Vincent's First Birthday

A “Chica” doll from the Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout! This is quite possibly the most annoying character ever, so of course Vinny loves her.

Vincent's First Birthday

My Uncle Yoshi picked out a singing happy birthday bear for Vincent. It is the cutest thing ever! He LOVED it. The head and mouth move as the bear sings. Its not as creepy as you would think… Vinny puts his finger in the bear’s mouth and kisses it on the lips (or actually bites!)

Big Ole Bruise on his head!

As far as growth and changes in Vincent — he is pretty capable of walking now. A few steps unassisted. He needs to pull himself up to standing by grabbing on to a piece of furniture or a wall. He is super fast at crawling. He gets big bruises on his legs, butt, and head from falling all the time!

Drinking Cows Milk

I fed him some Lactaid milk a few days ago and he took to it well despite my hunch that he might have a milk allergy. So yay! Didn’t want to have to deal with that. He actually really loved the milk — gulped it down. I also bought lactose free yogurt and he couldn’t get enough of it, but wanted to be sure his tummy agreed with it before giving him lots.

Big Bib, Big Smile

He has been getting up at 5am lately for a nursing session which is weird because he was sleeping soundly through the night for over a month now… He goes back to sleep after i feed him, so i guess its ok…

Smiling Again

He is super talkly-talky. Babbling mostly. Dadadaa, hi, dada, babah dig dog dug. Haha! He gets really loud sometimes and speaks with conviction, even holding his hand up like he is giving a sermon. He might be talker this one! Better learn some words quick! Speaking of words .. i do want to start learning baby sign language with him. I bought book on it, just have to start using them.

Can’t wait for the party!

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