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Diane & Jeffrey » Vincent is 11 months… Starting a New Daycare

Vincent is 11 months… Starting a New Daycare

Baby Corral

Vincent is just 1 month shy of a year old! He is growing up so fast. He’s so active and always narrowly escaping trouble! And by that i mean, hitting his head often on furniture and the floor, crawling to areas he is not supposed to be in (litter box, anyone?) and putting things in his mouth that are not meant to be eaten! It keeps us quite busy, i shall say.


Every morning while i am getting ready for the day i let him play in the cupboards in the bathroom. It’s the perfect size and height for him. He will open the cabinets and pull out everything and find new things to gnaw on.

morning adventures

He will crawl over to the toilet paper and begin to unravel it. I have to watch closely as he’ll end up putting the TP in his mouth.  He likes banging on the glass of the shower door.

Laundry Basket Vinny

The other day he climbed right into the laundry basket! He stayed there and just watched the TV. Looked comfy, actually.

Vincent - 11 months

He just recently started taking a few steps without holding on to anything. He needs to start off standing up and holding onto a table or something upright… but then he will turn and walk toward you.

Taking  afew steps!

He gets so excited when he does this, he goes up on his tippy toes and starts to wave his arms real big, which in turn throws off his balance, so he falls! Its pretty darn cute to watch. He did a few real good steps during his last couple days at Miss Becky’s.

Fourth of July 2012

Speaking of which, yes, Miss Becky has “retired” from her job as Vinny’s sitter. Her husband had a work-related injury /  job change, which effected her ability to run her daycare since she’s got her own family to take care of. We were super bummed, but life goes on!

Early Birthday Party for Vinny

She threw Vinny an early birthday party with presents! She got him a Barney DVD set, a polo shirt and shorts, a walkman toy, a beach ball, a beach truck, and some super cute bibs with sayings like “Friend Me!”

Becky's Daycare Pictures

We sure will miss her and her family… Vinny loved playing with her 3 kids. And we’ll miss Mr. Logan, too! His partner in crime.

Becky's Daycare Pictures

I posted a bunch of photos on my Flickr taken from Becky while Vincent was under her care. He was so small when he started out there in December at 4 months!

So as far as our current sitter — we’ve found a new one a couple of blocks down the road. Her name is Cori, and she has 2 little boys of her own (age 2 1/2 and 15 months) and she watches two others, who are between those ages.  So a full house of little toddlers! Vinny is the youngest right now but that will soon change, as one of her other mom’s is expecting a baby boy in the winter, and Cori is pregnant herself (due in February).

Meet Ash

Here is Vinny meeting her youngest Ash when i dropped off some paper work. I don’t think Ash likes Vinny very much since he has to “share” his mommy with him! But i think they get along okay. Although it looks like he is in the middle of hitting Vincent in this photo! LOL! I guess it is just not the same relationship that Vincent had with Logan, who absolutely adored him. So far, Vincent has adjusted well to being under Cori’s care – he’s only been there two days but seems to be eating, sleeping, and behaving very well.

Shopping with Ma

Vinny and I still go grocery shopping on the weekends. He loves smiling at all the different people, looking at the balloons, signs, pinatas, and whatever else is hanging down from the ceiling, and hearing the loud sounds of the cars in the parking lot. He behaves very well, and only starts to fuss if i take him to two stores and/or take too long shopping (like when i go to Target!) I’ve started buying stuff to get ready for his birthday party already.

Mommy's Birthday

Here is Vinny trying some strawberries. He is so funny when he eats something that is a “solid” food like fruit or vegetables. He gets a funny look on his face everytime. I think is the texture and the taste that perplexes him.


He seems to tolerate tofu. He looks really happy in this photo, but i think he just liked the camera, not the food in front of him. If we mash it up and feed it to him he seems to eat it more, he isnt too much of a fan of feeding tofu to himself.

Besides “walking”, this month Vincent has learned how to do a “high-five” though he does not do it consistently yet. He can still clap his hands. He LOVES playing Peek-a-boo,.. case-in-point the bib video i posted earlier.

Here is another video of him playing with his bucket that Becky gave him. At first he just was putting toys in and out of it. But then he realized he could play the peek-a-boo game.

Sprout TV

Vinny still loves the TV. He gets that blank stare and just zones out. He really enjoys the music and songs. He lights up when we sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus” or “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands”. He is really only into the kid-stuff though. If you turn on the regular old radio, he won’t care, but if it’s Barney or some Sprout show, he will beam a big smile and start bouncing even sometimes!

Mobile went bye-bye

We have been letting him “cry-it-out” during nap time and bedtime. This works about 99% of the time for bed time, but nap time not so much, only works about 50% of the time. He can cry pretty bad at times — which will lead to him coughing really bad… but eventually he can get tired and fall asleep. One day during naptime, he was playing with his mobile and we heard a cracking sound. We don’t normally check on him until it is quiet (for fear he will see us and it will work him into more of a fit). When we went in this time, the mobile was in pieces in his crib. Well that was the end of that – he totally broke the plastic part that holds it up! Poor guy, he really enjoyed that mobile. Now all he has is his bedtime story book that Grandma Jerrie got him, and some beanie baby stuffed animals.

Chili's for Lunch

Last weekend we took him to Chili’s for some lunch. It was the first time we used his red chair that clamps on to the table. Since we used it over the booth area, he kept standing up on the chair (not safe)! He had already had his lunch at home, but we gave him some of our food to keep him occupied. I fed him my steamed broccoli. He liked that fine, until Jeff fed him his first french fry! Now that he definitely preferred.

We are starting to think of how to wean him from nursing and transition him to milk  — even though we suspect he has a milk allergy since the last two times he had formula he puked it up and was had mucous coming from his nose (eww). So we’re scared to have that happen again if we give him milk, but i guess one can only try again, seeing as he COULD have outgrown the allergy by now. Fun times ahead with that one!

He’s such a joy to watch grow… i am starting to no longer think of him as a baby as he gets more and more mobile each day! He is definitely more of a toddler now, and he will be walking in no time!

On this day..

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You are so good at blogging Vinny’s updates, I tried and was awful about it, I also have two nearly empty baby books. mom of the year right here.

Ash totally looks like he’s going to take Vinny out right there!

Cori  |  Jul 30, 2012 at 4:29 pm

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