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Diane & Jeffrey » Vinny Visits Monterey Bay Aquarium

Vinny Visits Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

While Christina and her family were visiting us a few weeks ago, she gave us a gift card for a membership to the aquarium! We had actually been talking about getting one, so it was perfect.

Christina's Cards

Christina is so funny, she gave it to us along with three different cards, one for house-warming, one for birth of baby boy, and a first birthday gift! And the best part is, the cards had nothing written in them, so i can re-use them! (LOL!) Thanks Christina! 🙂

Aquarium Passes

We bought two individual memberships, so we can go back at anytime throughout the year. Vincent is under 3 so he is free. Next year we may think of getting the premium membership so we can bring along two guests for free (and they could also go without us for free).


Wasn’t sure how “into it” Vincent would be, but he actually loved the whole experience. From the glass tanks, to the jellies inside, to the whale replicas hanging from the ceiling. He had a blast!

Jelly Fish

This was our first time checking out the special jelly fish exhibit. I didnt get to spend a lot of time going through it since we had Vinny, but initially i will say i wasnt TOO impressed, i was kind of expecting more jellies, but it was still really cool.

Psychedelic Vinny

The theme of the jelly fish exhibit was a 70s psychedelic feel. They had one of those cameras where it projects your image onto the wall in a kaleidoscope. That was really fun!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This aquarium is really cool because they have a splash zone section specially for kids. They even have a special infant/toddlers section that Vincent spent a while in. First up was the “kiddie pool” as Dad called it. A little circle area completely padded, with toys at Vincent’s crawling level. There weren’t any other babies in this department… but…

Making friends

The other area, was a water bed kind of area. There where 3 other kids in the area, two older than Vinny, and one other girl about the same age. They had fun staring at each other! Vincent was trying to crawl towards her.

This weekend is “World Oceans Day” so they had special booths out and activities going on. We didn’t really do any of those besides listen to the steel-drum player out in the main entrance area.

Nemo outfit

Normally the splash zone has an area for kids to touch real sea animals but it was all closed for renovations. Vincent’s probably a bit young for it at this point, anyway. They did have a slide and a bunch of theme outfits/costumes to try on. Dad put the Nemo one on, but it was too big and Vinny just wanted to eat it! (Mmm, sushi?)

Crawling around

There are tons of crawl areas for Vinny to explore, but we didn’t go into too many of them. Saving stuff for when we come back later… plus Vinny was getting a bit tired at this point.

Stuffed Turtle

We bought a stuffed turtle at the gift shop to remember our first trip by. Not sure if Vinny will play with it, but he does like stuffed animals and if anything, Dad said we could throw it in his baby gate play area and use it as a pillow or a spotting area for when Vinny falls backwards. Kerplunk!

On this day..

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lol we were a bit behind on cards and gifts hahaha I figured the combo of all the cards would get the point across better than writing anything lol not a bad idea though i might have to start writing on a separate piece of paper in cards so people can reuse the cards lol

Christina  |  Jun 13, 2012 at 2:27 pm

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