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Diane & Jeffrey » Daddy Daycare

Daddy Daycare

Daddy Daycare

Our sitter took a two-day vacation (Thursday, Friday) so we had planned it so that Daddy would watch Vinny on Thursday and I would watch him on Friday (taking vacation days from work). But as the date drew closer, i realized i had a big deadline on one of my projects and that i could not possibly miss work. So i asked Becky if her Mom could watch Vincent on Friday, and she said yes. Whoo!

Anyway, Daddy still had to watch Vincent on Thursday — his first time watching him “all day” with no one else around in the house. (!)

Daddy kept me posted at work, with texts and photos, as the day progressed. They started the day off with a trip to McDonalds for some drive-thru coffee. Then they came home, ate breakfast, and went for a walk to visit Dad’s wok. Jeff said the whole office loved Vincent — even though he was groggy from falling asleep on the walk there.

Wendy's Frosty for Dad

Vincent normally takes a long afternoon nap, but sometimes it is hard for us (parents) to get him to take that nap at home. So I wasn’t surprised when Jeff said he had taken no naps the whole day! (But did take mini-snoozers on that walk, and on a car-drive to Wendys [Uh-oh! more fast-food?!? Luckily Vincent only eats home-cooked baby food still!]) LOL.

Melons from the Neighbor Jeff

One of our neighbors, Jeff, stopped by to give us some fresh watermelon and cantelope. Vincent had a taste of watermelon last week when i bought some at the store. He didn’t really like it truthfully. We cut it up in small cubes and he ate a couple of them. The melons were not too much of a hit either.

Sleepy Boy

When i got home from work, Vinny was ready for dinner then bed. When i finished putting him down, Jeff was already passed out on the couch (i took a photo of Daddy too, but i’m not allowed to post)!

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