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Diane & Jeffrey » Vincent’s First Visit to Toro Park

Vincent’s First Visit to Toro Park

Getting strappped in

We took our inaugural hike today with the backpack carrier! We decided to go to Toro Park, which is on the southern end of Salinas and about a 10 minute drive from our house. The weather is always nice and sunny there. We put Vinny in the backpack. He doesn’t like being strapped in there, but as soon as he is “in” he is all smiles!

Memorial Day Hike - Toro Park

We just walked the perimeter of the park — didnt go on any trails. There were lots of people having picnics for Memorial Day and kids playing all sorts of sports (soccer, football, volleyball, biking). Vinny loves people watching, especially if it is other little kids.

Gotta wear your hat!

We stopped and took a break at a nice spot in the grass, by some big trees. We laid a tiny baby blanket out for Vinny to sit on (forgot to bring a bigger one). He loved picking at the grass and climbing on Mom and Dad.

Oh, Sunglasses! Must scratch

On our loop back to the car, we stopped by the swings, but when we got there we realized they didnt have any toddler swings, only big kid swings. 🙁 It was a quick trip, but nice to get out and enjoy the comfortable weather.


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