Vincent Can Crawl Like a Big Boy Now

Vincent just started to crawl with his tummy OFF the floor. Previously, he would just do his “army” crawl. I noticed him trying to crawl normally a couple of days ago, but was finally able to catch it on video. He is so curious on everything. Once he see something that catches his eye, he will get a big grin on his face and start moving towards it — pretty fast!

Butters is such a good sport. He won’t move out of the way if Vinny comes towards him. He won’t even really move even when Vincent grabs a fistful of fur or twists his ears. Butters still likes to cuddle with Vinny and I when i feed him in the morning. In fact, Butters is the one who wakes us up the morning with his big MEOW FEED ME NOW MEOW. Ah, the joys of having 2 kids. LOL.

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