Worthington’s Visit California

Breakfast at Bills

The Worthington’s came back to California for a visit and we got to see them for 1 day in San Jose. We went to brunch (on a Sunday, so it was busy!) at Bill’s Cafe then headed to Children’s Discovery Museum.

It was the perfect place to go for kids, especially with 2 infants. Tayor’s baby Violet is only 1 month older than Vincent. This was the first time they met while not in-utero! 😉 We headed upstairs to their “Wonder Cabinet” which was especially made for infants and toddlers. Vincent was really interested in meeting Violet, but as you can see in the video above, Violet was more interested in playing in the area instead.

Children's Discovery Museum

There where these cute mushrooms that i wanted Vincent to sit on so i could take a photo, but he still can’t sit up yet on his own so he kept slouching over. Violet on the other hand, can sit up, pull herself up to standing while holding something, and inchworm around! Vincent will be there soon i am sure!

Children's Discovery Museum

Jeff and Vincent, Nathan and Violet. Violet was so funny, he kept staring at Jeff very intently. Once, I got in the way of her view and she quickly moved her head around so she could keep staring at Jeff, it was sooooo funny.

Children's Discovery Museum

Vincent’s favorite at the museum was this airplane that flew around a pole. You had to wind it up so that it would go around and around. He LOVED staring at it. Kind of like his mobile!

Children's Discovery Museum

He would just laugh and laugh and move his arms all around in excitement. It was such a fun day! Vincent behaved very well, besides pooping all over himself before we got to the muesum! But he pretty much slept the whole 1-hour drive to San Jose, so that worked out perfectly.


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