Meeting Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Okuda

Meeting Great-Grandparents

We visited my grandparents today who live in Wahiawa. (Don’t mind the weird orange light on our faces, its from another person’s camera!) My grandma hasn’t been feeling well ever since she fell off her bed in October and bruised her ribs really bad. My grandpa, despite being in his 90s is in relatively good health. He was the most excited to meet Vincent. He loves babies!

Meeting Great-Grandparents

My cousins Sandee and Candace were there as well as my sister Susan, Jeff, and my parents.

We got some great pictures. We had Korean BBQ for lunch and Leonard’s malasadas for dessert. Checking off all my favorite things to eat in the islands!

Sun toy from the 80s

Earlier in the morning, Vincent hung out with Grandpa Don and Grandma Jerrie who gave him a few old toys from when my sisters and i were young.

Later in the evening we had the wedding rehearsal at the church. Our old piano teacher (and my dads cousin) Aileen played the keyboard and helped direct us all. After rehearsal we went to Pietros for dinner. YUM! (another check!) they have amazing Japanese-Italian fusion food. I ate shoyu pasta with sausage and mushroom. Poor Vinny was so tired and didn’t get to sleep until the car ride home at about 930. His normal bedtime is 700p.

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