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Diane & Jeffrey » Airplane Ride to Hawaii

Airplane Ride to Hawaii

Airplane Nap

Our first trip with Vincent started with an hour long car ride to the airport and a five hour plane ride! Actually it started at 6am in the morning with a big poop blowout when Vincent woke up. Haha! Poop number one. We parked our car at a hotel near the airport and took the shuttle to the terminal. Vincent looked really excited! Once we boarded we put his carseat in the airplane seat and gave him some toys. He was awake the whole time and only took a 1/2 nap in the middle and during landing. He had two more blowouts in the air and two other poops! Geez. That part got old quick! But overall i would consider it a success.

When we landed we got our bags and hopped on another shuttle to rent a car. We drove to Mililani and was greeted by my mom and cousin Sandee who were busy getting ready for an engagement party for Jill and Glenn.

Tehani meets Vincent

Tehani came to say hi and meet Vincent for the first time. Smiles all around! No stranger danger crying yet! Even on the plane people were coming up to him and he just smiled which surprised the heck outta me. It was just last week that we were at a birthday party and he kept balling his eyes out over anyone that looked at him.

Crib from when my Momma was little

The party started at 6pm but by the time everyone showed up Vincent was already in his (my) crib sleeping. Jill and Glenn both got a peek of him though.

I didn’t swaddle him at first so he was waking up like ever half an hour. Finally I swaddled him like I normally do and he stayed asleep for a few hours like he normally does. I was so exhausted that night and didn’t get to bed till 11pm Hawaiian time.

On this day..

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