Vincent’s First Christmas

Christmas 2011

Ah!! What a wonderful day to be sick with a cold! Felt like crap yesterday and was hoping to feel better today but not really the case. Oh well. Vincent got up at his normal time around 730am. I left his “First Christmas” jammies on instead of dressing him for the day since you always open presents in your pjs! While we waited for daddy to wake up I took some pictures.

Christmas Stockings 2011

Once dad got up around 930am we started in with the stockings. We placed him in his Bumbo so he could take pictures in front of the fireplace. He still isn’t very good at sitting in it. He always leans way too far forward.

Christmas 2011 Book

We put Vince in the corner of the couch and he watched us open the stocking stuffers. He got some books, a teether toy, and an Aloha shirt.

Aloha Shirt

Christmas 2011 Opening Presents

I got a foxtail that was apparently very popular in Japan last year when we visited.  Do you like Jeff’s clever box he wrapped it in? Haha! Also I got lots of candies! Twix, hi-chews (also from japan), gummy worms among other things.

Dad opening stocking stuffers

I got Jeff some candies as well– Almond Joy and Reese’s. I got him this cool keychain that looks like a key but is a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, etc.

Vincent Candy Cane

Here is Vincent hugging Jeff’s Reese’s Candy cane. One of Jeff’s favorite photos from the day.

Christmas 2011

Once stockings were emptied, we moved to the sunroom where the Christmas tree was along with all the presents.

Christmas for Vincent

Vince looked so cute sitting up by himself — with the help of some Christmas presents.

Christmas 2011

We put Vinny in his bouncer and gave him a present from Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Mike to unwrap. He liked the way the crinkly foil paper sounded when he scrunched it with his hands.

Christmas 2011

One of the presents i got Jeff was a custom made McGirr Pub shirt that he can wear on St. Patrick’s day!

Christmas 2011 Butters

Butters even got a toy from Lisa and Mike that he had a lot of fun chasing around.

Christmas 2011 Cat Toy

Vincent actually helped us figure out the cat toy! I was telling Jeff – “I think it does something, feel it” and then Vincent pulls the tail and it jittered! (There is something about us and not knowing things jitter because Vince has a few other baby toys that jitter and I kept forgetting that they did that until i saw the same toy at the store with a big sign on it that says “pull me i jitter!” and was like, oh yea, it can move!) Vince is so smart.

Christmas 2011 Butters Toy

Vince also got a cool whale puzzle from his Uncle Pat. (pictured above with Butters)

Christmas Morning 2011

After we were done opening presents, i changed Vinny into his clothes — but i stayed in my PJs cuz i was feeling sick! His shirt says “My first christmas”!

Handmade Rattle from Taylor

One of my favorite gifts from the day was a handmade bear rattle from Taylor. So cute!

Chat with Segawas

In the afternoon we video chatted with the grandparents. Vincent showed off what he can do during tummy time.

Christmas 2011

Then later that evening we had Torie, Orlando, Amy and Victor over for a ham dinner. We exchanged gifts and ate some pie for dessert.

Christmas Dinner 2011

Torie made Vincent a Yankee’s blanket with his name stitched in it, and we got an owl ornament, stitched with our name in it as well.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

I love handmade gifts! I wish i had the time, talent, and patience to do that.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without dressing Butters up! I am still so surprised at how lax he is when we put him in hats and clothes. Meet me under the mistletoe!

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