Stocking and Ornaments for 2011

Christmas Ornaments 2011

This year’s ornaments i bought from Target. The little penguin is Vincent’s and the wreath in the background is for Jeff and I. I used my extensive skills in “glittergluemanship” to write our names on it.

Glittergluing Vincent's Ornament 2011
I wrote it a lot bigger than I had planned to initially….

Christmas 2011

For Vincent’s stocking — i was on a search for the right kind of stocking that you could personalized with glitterglue (made of felt, not the furry stuff) but couldn’t find one at Target or at Michaels or at Beverly’s and ended up buying some at the dreaded Walmart. But then, as i was leaving the store after checking out, i forgot to TAKE the bag, so then i had to go AGAIN, but went to a different Walmart and they didn’t have the kind we wanted left, so i bought another kind. Make a long story short, we ended up buying stockings 3 different times to get the one we wanted!!

Making Vincent's Stocking
I was sick with a cold on Christmas eve but had to create his stocking! Talk about wait till the last minute. The snowman was modeled after Vincent’s Frosty the Snowman book.

On this day..

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