A Typical Day with Grandma Daycare + Mommy Working from Home

Grandma Jerrie, Vincent, Diane

Boppy Time

Grandma Jerrie and Vinny have lots of fun all day together while i am working “part-time” from home. Of course “part-time” is really more like “full-time” but that is okay, i am just glad my boss is flexible in letting me work from home. I work using Schipper’s laptop, and my own monitor. Here is a view of my setup in my home office:

Momma Working from Home

I typically work from 9am-5pm, with a lunch break and a couple pumping sessions dispersed throughout the day. I also get to steal a few hugs and kisses and sometimes help with diaper changes or putting Vinny to sleep for his nap.


As much as i would love to be just a stay -at-home-mom, i know that i would eventually drive myself coo-coo. I really enjoy my career as a web designer, and if i “take a break” to take care of the kiddo, it would be a very big challenge to get back in the game since my job involves technology that changes on a daily basis. I know it will be quite the challenge to incorporate the role of being a new mommy into my life but somehow i will get through it! I am going to try to continue breastfeeding as long as i can, but i have a feeling that is not going to be for very much longer after i need to start going back to the office, which will be in a week or so when Vincent goes to daycare.

Going in a walk with grandma

Stroller Toy and Wearing a Beanie

Grandma and Vinny spend the day playing in the sunroom, going for a walk, hanging out in the kitchen while Grandma makes the family dinner, singing songs together, reading books, watching TV (i think it’s funny i hear the opening to “Spongebob, Squarepants” while working in the office), doing laundry, and lots of other fun stuff! It is so cute to watch them together.

Vinny and the Kick n Play

Most of all, Grandma Jerrie does a great job at spoiling our son by buying him all sorts of cool toys!


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