12 weeks old, Grandma Jerrie & Bottle Feedings

Patty Cakes!

Grandma Jerrie flew in on Friday to watch Vincent for me while i return to work. She’ll be here until early December. She is having a lot of fun watching Vincent smile and coo!


We’ve been trying ALL WEEK to get Vincent to take the bottle during the daytime. Monday, he ate 2 oz. Tuesday he ate 4 oz. Wednesday, 11 oz! Thursday 8 oz. Friday 2.5 oz! Uhhhh! We are using Breastflow bottles which he seems to like a lot better than the Dr. Browns we were using earlier. Jeff could get him to take a bottle when he was a few weeks old, but it seems now he is smarter and knows he can just hold out till mommy feeds him.

Grandma with Sleeping Vinny

It is so frustrating and heartbreaking! He should be eating a lot more than that. His “Eat Play Sleep” schedule is all messed up and he definitely cries a lot more than when he did when i just nursed him. Hopefully he will catch on soon.

Grandma, Baby, Pack'n Play

My mom found that sometimes she can distract him and get him to eat while he is looking at his “friends” on the comforter while lying down in the pack’n’play. He just smiles and laughs… sometimes so much so that the milk will pool in his mouth and drip out.

12 weeks old!

Even though he deprived during the day of mommy’s boobie he is still generally a pretty happy baby which is good.

No More, i am Sleeping

Of course when it comes to his bedtime feeding he nurses for 1/2 hour or more, when usually its only about 10 minutes. Then he conks out. Yesterday i tried to “dream feed” him at 10pm to see if he would extend his sleeping time but he just pursed his lips at me, like the above!

I will sit here

We moved the futon from the sunroom to the office so my mom has a place to sleep that isn’t the couch. This 3 bedroom house seems so much smaller all of a sudden! Butters found a new hangout spot – of course.

Boppy Head

Vincent can hold his head up good on the boppy now, if he is in a happy mood. Otherwise he just lies there all limp, it’s actually kinda funny. When we do tummy time on the floor, he struggles SO MUCH! He does not like it at all. And when i flip him back over, he is so tired, and all his boogers come out of his nose!

12-week Growth Picture

Here is his 12 week growth photo with the shave ice! This onesie is so adorable! It came from Patti who gave me a bunch of Evan’s clothes that he has grown out of. Thanks Patti!

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