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Diane & Jeffrey » Breastfeeding Class – CHOMP

Breastfeeding Class – CHOMP

CHOMP Entrance

Had my first breastfeeding class today at CHOMP. I was a few minutes late to class because i overslept! I dont normally set the alarm because i’m pretty good at waking up on time but lately not so good at it. Plus when i got to where i needed to be, there was a sign that said the class had moved to a different room but no instructions on how to get there! OMG, it took me a while to figure out where the hell i was going in that place! But i found it. When i arrived, i was the last one of course. There where about 6 other couples there and 1 other lady with no partner.

The class was pretty informative, though i have been doing my own research on it and trying to learn as much as i can. The class was being led by a lady is a lactation consultant for the hospital so we will more than likely get a visit from her when we deliver at the hospital.

We talked for a while, then watched a video, then “practiced” with some baby dolls. My baby doll was black! LOL! And had a very long tongue and was super heavy! It was funny, some girls got “preemie” babies, some had no diapers on… all in good fun. Practiced the cross cradle hold, and the football hold.

I think i have had my share of warnings from sources that breastfeeding isnt easy. I am not really looking forward to having my boobs be sore and leaking and full feeling or hurting, etc. But i know it is best for the baby and i will try to do it for as longa s i can.

An interesting statistic that the teacher said was that the average length of time that mothers breastfeed their children WORLDWIDE is 4.5 years! In the US it is only 6 weeks – because you know what happens at 6 weeks, gotta go back to work! It is kind of sad i suppose, we really should have more time off for bonding with a child. Speaking of which, i still have to figure out my maternity leave. I will get 6 weeks disability from the state, then hoping to get another 6-8 weeks of Paid Family leave. But i will probably start working from home by then.

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