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Diane & Jeffrey » The Inaugural Cookie Exchange

The Inaugural Cookie Exchange

Grab Grab Grab

Today we hosted a Holiday Cookie Exchange at our house. Basically it is a party where everyone brings a couple batches of cookies and we all exchange some so we have a variety of cookies to enjoy during the holidays.

Overall the party was a success! It was nice for people to come over who haven’t seen our house yet. We decorated it as best we could.. bought a tree and everything. If it weren’t for the party we probably wouldn’t have done that. For appetizers i made california rolls, cheese and salami crackers, tuna sandwiches cutout as trees, turkey-cranberry sandwiches cutout as stars, spanokopita (frozen from costco), melon balls, veggies, chips and onion dip. Also made some yummy punch made of guava juice, 7up and pineapple juice. I bought a new punch bowl from Crate and Barrel that looks like a fish bowl. I forgot to take photos of all my hard work… but you could probably see it in the background of some of the photos if you look good. Here is the link to the Flickr Photoset.

Here are the winners & prizes from this year:

Cookie Exchange Award Ribbons

The award ribbons i designed – spent a good half-a-saturday on these!

Sandy's Top Secret Chocolate Cookies

Sandy’s fancy Martha Stewart inspired tree display won her Most Spirited!
View her Top Secret Chocolate Cookie Recipe.

Rita's Snow Cookies

Rita’s cute and tasty snowball cookies won her Most Popular.
View her Chocolate Truffle Cookies Recipe.

Angie's Macaroons

Angie’s decked out stocking & wreath display earned her Best Dressed.
View her Chocolate Macaroon Recipe.

Charlie's M&M Mint Cookies, Torie's Potato Chip Cookies

Charlie (only guy who entered a cookie – on left) won Most Creative! He made up his own M & M and Mint cookie. I forgot to get the recipe from him.

Until next year my friends! Look forward to hosting again and filling my tummy with wonderful cookies.

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Comments ( 2 )

Thanks Diane for sharing these recipes! Altho we pigged out over Christmas, I’m going to bake some cookies just to warm up the house!

Lisa McGirr  |  Jan 09, 2010 at 3:47 pm

so i’m a complete stranger but yay! i’m glad that rita found my recipe useful! (and that the party liked it!)

jyoh  |  Jan 09, 2010 at 3:56 pm

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