Little Lost Doggie

Lost and Dirty Dog

Angie found this poor little lost doggie in the parking lot at work today. Look at how dirty he is, especially around the neck. He was running around with a chewed up collar/chain thing – looked like he broke free somehow. We think he is a neglected dog. His eyes had gunk all around it, may even be infected, and he was infested with fleas. We gave him water and food, and he ate and drank just a little. He was such a well behaved dog. Just chilled in the office with us, didn’t make a peep or a mess. Angie took him home for the weekend and gave him a bath. She isn’t sure what she will do with him next. She might fall in love and keep him, either that or he will go to a shelter.

Charlie is Clean!

The leash – looks like a weapon!                Charlie after a bath! He IS white…

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