Citrus Juicer

Juicer for Jeff

Jeff has been asking me to buy a citrus juicer – the one that you can press down – not an electric one. So after i dropped Patti off at the Monterey Airport, i stopped by Clementine’s Kitchen. I’ve never been there before and was quite impressed. It is a cute local version of Williams Sonoma… lots of kitchenware and gadgets. I even saw some of Lula’s chocolates in there (Schipper designed the packaging).

There were two brands to choose from – one was more traditional with the chrome and the double swirl and press deal, but the one I got needed only one press, and was a lot shorter than the other. Jeff was all smiles when i told him i had something for him the trunk to get out when i got home! That sucker is heavy. Hope it works well for the price i paid! Could have bought a lot of orange juice with that money, so tree better keep producin’ and Jeff better keep juicin’.

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