No Doubt Concert

No Doubt Sold-Out Concert

Tonight was the No Doubt concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater. It must have been a sold out crowd, just look at the lawn! Paramore opened for them – they sounded great, and i loved watching the teeny boppers go bounce up and down and scream for them. Gwen sounded awesome, and of course, looked great too, even though i could hardly see her since i’m only 5’1″ and also i need new glasses to see the jumbo tron!

Jeff, Katie, CharlieDiane

Charlie and Katie got tickets earlier this week and saved a spot for us on the lawn while we fought traffic on the way in. Took us over an hour i think to get from the freeway exit to a parking spot.  We were supposed to meet my friend Lisa there but she hurt her foot and was busy moving out of her apartment so she couldn’t come. I brought sandwiches for Jeff and I so we wouldn’t have to wait inline for a 10 dollar hot dog. It was a memorable night and glad i could see No Doubt in concert. Brought back memories from 1996 Tragic Kingdom CD! One of the first CDs i remember buying.

Bright Lights

Not the greatest photo, but kinda cool. I couldn’t get a decent one of Gwen since we were so far away and my camera is not meant for telephotoing!

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