(Hot) Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach in December

Jeff and I slept in today, then took his dad’s Acura to go shopping at Ron Jon’s surf shop. After we bought about $200 worth of clothes, we stopped by Cocoa Beach and the pier. It was such a nice December day that i wished I had worn my swim suit and brought my beach towel to layout and tan! Jeff says this is the tourist spot. It was packed with people as far as i could see. We saw license plates in the parking lot ($5 fee to park!) for California, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas… all over.

Jeff at Cocoa BeachLunch at Oh Shucks

Jeff wet his feet in the ocean and said it was about the sameĀ temperatureĀ as the caribbean water. I actually got a good shot of him without tons of people in it! Afterwards we went to eat at Oh Shucks where we had some Gyros and loaded tater tots (yum). I liked the carton on our table that held our condiments. It said, “Do you remember when you fell in love with Ketchup?” Oh, yes, I do. I was just a little girl and i mixed in it with my rice and i loved it ever since. Haha… I don’t do that anymore, but yes, i do love ketchup.

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