Project 365 – Day 25 – Pumpkin Cat

Cat Pumpkin

Can you believe this is only the second time i’ve carved a pumpkin? For whatever reason, my family never had the tradition of carving pumpkins during Halloween when I was a kid. I bet my mom was too anal about us using knives or something.

Last year was my first time carving one with Jeff, and I did a ghoul looking face. This time around, I thought I would opt for something more cuddly — what could be better than a kitty cat? I searched on Flickr for some ideas, and this sitting pose was the one i picked since it looked the easiest but was still cute.

Jeff decided not to partake in the pumpkin carving festivites this year, so I asked him to snap some photos of my process.

Pumpkin CarvingPerfect Pumpkin Extractor

A trash bag works best since it can get pretty messy on the table. Jeff thought to use the corn grabber to stab out the pieces of pumpkin.

Cleaning Out the GutsHalloween

It sure gets slimy when pulling out the insides, but its actually pretty fun getting dirty.

Pumpkin CatPumpkin Cat

Carving out my kitty.

Cat with Pumpkin Cat

Here’s Butters! He really liked the pumpkin. Hmm, wonder why?

Uncooked Pumpkin SeedsToasted Pumpkin Seeds

We toasted the pumpkin seeds so we could snack on them while enjoying my jack-o-latern.

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