Butters Enjoys the Outdoors

Whenever Jeff comes home for lunch during the work week, he usually lets Butters outside into our patio area, where he lays out and suns himself. During the weekends, he is especially lucky because he can stay out there for hours at a time.

Here is a video of him rolling over with happiness in the sun. He usually wants us to rub his belly for him. He gets all kinds of leaves on his fur afterward.

Butters has also taken a new liking to the “red and green plant”. (Mom, I have no idea the name of this kind of plant you planted for us…) He walks over to it and starts licking it. At first i thought he was actually trying to consume it, but no, he is only licking it. Its so weird, because its only this plant he really loves, and there isn’t anything on it that I am aware of that would be so attractive. Butters makes us laugh.

This looks yummy...Licking the Plant

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