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Diane & Jeffrey » Comedy Night at Leal Vineyards

Comedy Night at Leal Vineyards

Three of a Kind Event PosterLeal Vineyards Ticket

Jeff got 2 free tickets to a Comedy Night being held at a Leal Vineyards in Hollister. He got the tickets from one of his clients from work. The venue is kind of in the middle of nowhere – the owner built his own little lake/pond area to make it look more appealing.

Leal VineyardsLeal Vineyards Comedy Night

The lake actually looks pretty cool at night with the lights reflecting off of it. There is a nice outdoor bar and fireplace area that is to the left on this picture. There were so many people there! We got in a little late and there weren’t any open seats left for us to sit at. Here is the view from all the way in the back.

Dave was the first guy up and he was pretty funny. He had the crowd laughing good. Mostly Mormon jokes from what I can remember, and about being married. Chris, the second guy that went up, was not funny at all… apparently he tried to win Last Comic Standing but we could both see why he didn’t. Pretty lame jokes and we hardly laughed at all when he was up. Andrew was funny but for most of his set i was waiting in line for the bathroom =( He did make a funny joke about how he somehow always turns out “gay” looking in pictures taken of him. He noticed it was because every picture was taken with his head over his shoulder (see below!) The more you have your head over your shoulder, the “gayer” you look.

Jeff might kill me for posting this picture!! (But see?)

Leal VineyardsLeal Vineyards

After the Comedy, there was some DJ/dancing going on in the barrel room – but there was too many people and not very good music so we didn’t stay very long. Don’t you just love this door behind me?

We didn’t try any of the wine while we were there, but I noticed they had some pretty interesting names like “Godsend” and “Threesome”.

We had a great time, and I really enjoy getting free tickets to events! =) Ahh, the perks of being a banker… Hahaha.

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haha i love the picture of jeff at the end of your blog. Jim hates how in all the pictures he takes he has his head tilted to the side because he is trying to get his head closer to mine haha.

christina  |  Aug 29, 2008 at 11:47 pm

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