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Diane & Jeffrey » New iPhone

New iPhone

Last week I finally received my birthday present from Jeff! A brand new iPhone 3G! After jumping over a few obstacles to get one (standing in long ass line at the new Apple Store in Monterey, finding out I might not be able to get it without my Mom present, etc, etc), I finally was able to put my hands on the iPhone’s shiny glass touch-screen. Oh, heaven, it is so wonderful, i can’t even begin to express my love for it in words.

For those who may not be aware, the iPhone is made by those lovely people at Apple, and its essentially a mini computer with built-in phone. The innovative feature about the iPhone the touch screen that enables you to flip through screens, scroll, enlarge/reduce images, and tap on things really easily. It also has an accelerometer which allows it to know which way the phone is facing (upright or sideways). When you flip the phone, it flips the image on it. Here are our first pictures playing with it while we dined at California Pizza Kitchen.

Jeff give it a thumbs upDiane's iPhone

Look, it’s the blog!!

dianeandjeffrey.com on the iPhone

Everything on the iPhone works really good, the only complaint i have about it is that its a little hard to type with. But with practice you get better. And when you are able to turn the keyboard to the landscape orientation, its a lot easier to type.

The camera on the phone has some serious lag time and you have to be absolutely still for it to take a good picture, but i guess considering it is only a camera phone, its still pretty damn good. I’ll post some pictures up later.

There are so many applications i installed on the phone, like Facebook and MySpace utilities, and a cool restaurant finder called Urban Spoon, where you can choose a cuisine or price bracket, shake the phone, and it randomly selects where you should eat! EXCEPT, of course, this cool application does not have SALINAS information. Ah, Loving Salinas. But they DO have Hawaii! I will still use it when we’re out of town.

Speaking of food, at CPK we ate a Chinese Chicken Salad (my all-time favorite!) and, for the first time ever, a regular plain pepperoni pizza. The salad was yummy as usual. The pizza was very disappointing. The crust was not crispy at all. We both thought it tasted just like — if not worse — than microwave pizza. YUCK!

My iPhone cost $299, plus an extra $30 for unlimited internet service per month. We don’t get the fast 3G network in Salinas (Loving Salinas) – but it’s not too bad since most of the time i’m at home or work where I have access to a Wi-Fi.

Another one of my favorite apps is the Associated Press News and playing the Tap Tap game, which is a rhythm game similar to Dance Dance Revolution/Guitar Hero.

Did I mention I LOVE my iPhone?!?! I can even make blog posts via the iPhone! How sweet is that?

*hugs iPhone*

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Comments ( 3 )

Sounds cool… I got jim the Voyager for father’s day which is pretty cool. It’s touch screen like the iphone and you can use the internet like the iphone but it doesn’t do thingsl ike switch the screen when you flip it etc. and we aren’t paying for the internet on it and Todd went on teh Internet on it without us knowing for only like 2 minutes and it cost us $15 haha maybe we can find some sort of way to lock it so you can’t go on the internet at all lol.

christina  |  Aug 20, 2008 at 11:04 am

iWant one too!

Jeff  |  Aug 21, 2008 at 11:20 pm

iPhones are so cool! I want one too!

peter  |  Aug 26, 2008 at 11:35 am

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