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Diane & Jeffrey » New Microwave and Table

New Microwave and Table

Jeff and I finally bought a new microwave! The old one we had was covered with stickers from his college years, as well as a few new additions since we have been together (Ron Jons, Braun Racing, Busted Tees, to name a few). Jeff’s favorite sticker is the Warsaw one in the front – that makes sense – theres a chick on it. Haha! The bad thing about our old microwave besides the outside being so bachelor-esque was the stupid dial timer that was so inaccurate and the inability to set different power levels. I’m glad we finally purchased a new one at Costco for $99! Here are a couple of pictures for comparison. The toaster on the top was a wedding gift. We heart too! The black and stainless steel looks soooooooo much nicer.

Old MicrowaveNew Microwave and Toaster

Another addition to our lovely condo is a dining table and chairs! Being the young twenty-somethings that we are, when we moved into this place we decided to put both of our computers in the “dining area” – which meant of course, no place to eat. We had placed a bookshelf in our make-shift office area. But I got tired of it being a mess to look at in such a common living space area, and also, the sun would hit my bookshelf and fade all of my books. I moved the bookshelf closer to the entry way of the house and moved a bunch of my crafting stuff that was on it into a separate organizer. We bought a new table set from Target for $200 that went where the bookshelf was before – giving us a nice place to have an adult sit-down meal. It’s pretty nice, but as expected, we haven’t sat down there once to have dinner yet! I guess we just prefer sitting down on the couch in front of the TV for meal time. =)

New Table and ChairsTable and Chairs

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Comments ( 3 )

aww, i’m gonna miss my old micro :'(

Jeff  |  Aug 09, 2008 at 11:51 pm

That kitchen table looks like one I bought from Crate and Barrel some years back.

Hey, would you at all mind if I sent you an invitation and coupon code to my new t-shirt website, once it’s up and running? (which should be October). I saw you mentioned Busted Tees – they have killer t-shirts, and if you like their stuff, you might like mine.

Anywho, just let me know, thanks!


Rizzo  |  Aug 10, 2008 at 7:01 pm

like the new microwave looks like ours.

christina  |  Aug 10, 2008 at 10:13 pm

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