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Diane & Jeffrey » My Birthday and Lake Tahoe

My Birthday and Lake Tahoe

FRIDAY – We had thought of a brilliant plan to get to work/Tahoe. Jeff had a meeting in Morgan Hill, so I was going to catch a ride with him to San Juan Bautista so that he could swing by after work and pick me up on our way up north to Tahoe (usually I would leave my car at work). We both got up really early, and on our way there. POP! His tire went flat. Jeff had no clue what to do. I (being a veteraned woman with such car troubles) instantly said, “Call Triple A!”. So we did that, got them to put the donut on, and went BACK to Salinas so I could go to work in my own car, and he could take his to get fixed since we needed it for the long weekend. So much for carpooling to work!

Friday was by far the HOTTEST day I’ve experienced in San Juan Bautista ever! It got up to 106 degrees and we have no AC and one rinky dink fan! Since it was my birthday, my boss took my coworkers and I up to Windhaven Ranch after picking up some lunch at the Windmill Market. Despite it being so freakin’ hot outside, I had a fun time up there discovering all the animals. I wished I had my camera to take some pictures.

We saw (in order):
1) 2 Female Peacocks
2) A Brown Dog
3) A Herd of Goats
4) A Gray and White Cat
5) A Flock of Chickens and Roosters
6) A Tan Horse
7) A Llama

Quite a bunch of animals for a 45-minute lunch break! It was a nice little adventure and I throughly enjoyed it. After the work day, Jeff came to pick me up to go to Tahoe. There where a couple of traffic jams, but we got there with enough time to gamble the night away! We stayed at the Montbleu Hotel/Casino. The prices for the room were about approx $250+ a night – which when we got there we realized was not really worth it. The room didn’t have a fridge, had a really crappy view of the roof of the auditorium, and the toilet made a running noise all the time. The shower looked cool though, it was a really big circle. It would have been perfect if it was jetted – but no.

SATURDAY – After losing about a $100 gambling (of my money anyway – Jeff’s money, another story), we were ready for a gamble break. We drove up to Northstar, which is about an hour away on the top of Lake Tahoe California side. They where having some cycling race there, so there was shuttles and a nice crowd of people at the mountain. We rented out bikes and rode up the gondola. During the first run down, Jeff got a FLAT TIRE! How’s that? Twice in one weekend! Luckily it was easy for the people to fix. Jeff’s bike sounded pretty crappy still though – his brakes made an awful noise!

The most fun part of mountain biking for me was NOT downhill – i liked more of the cross country. I realized it is way more rewarding to go downhill only when you pedaled UP the hill! (Not taking the gondola up, that is!) At any rate, it was a fun experience and I’ve been wanting to do it ever since I moved to California so I’m glad we finally did it. Here are some pics:

Diane and BicycleJeff and his Bicycle

Bicycle RaceTrees

South Lake Tahoe was having some kind of “Opening Days” street festival where they blocked off the main road and caused a MAJOR traffic jam. So on our way back home, we where stuck in traffic for a couple hours (3rd time for this trip!) and that kind of cramped our mood. But we quickly got out of that with a few hours of gambling!

Jeff and I went to dinner that night at the hotel’s steakhouse “Ciera”. He had a “Steak Diane” (Awwww, how cute). I had a Steak with peppercorn sauce. It was SO yummy, but we couldn’t take home leftovers since we had no fridge!

I wanted to go clubbing – but you guessed it – we just ended up gambling all night! We were having too much fun throwing our money away. =P

SUNDAY – We got our last round of gambling in, then drove home to see Butters! (Our neighbor Angie took care of him while we where gone.)

All in all I had a great birthday. For the two and half days we where there, I only lost $100 (from that first night). I kept playing and playing, but never lost anymore. I think I won most of my money back from Roulette and Blackjack. Though Craps used to be our favorite game, I am quickly realizing its pretty hard to make money from it because your bets on the table often amount to $15 or more per point, and those damn 7s get rolled PRETTY often!

My friend Patti baked me a wonderful cake! Patti-cake!

Birthday Cake from Patti!

On this day..

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Hope you had a great birthday. You guys are so cute together I can’t wait until you have babies! Crappy luck with the tire but I’m glad things worked out for you going to Tahoe etc.

christina  |  Jul 03, 2008 at 1:18 pm

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